Snake Script: Aztec Inspiration

the Aztecs, one of the most powerful and mysterious cultures.
 Snakes can be found throughout significant buildings in aztec architecture.  The ” wall of serpents” was used to identify and close off sacred spaces.
the Great Temple in the Aztec capital, which was the ritual focus for the entire city, is surrounded by embedded snake elements. The habit of snakes to shed their skin each year  conveyed ideas concerning renewal and transformation.
 Geographically, western cultures responded to the dangerous venomous snakes around them by appropriating their image onto negative figures, and over vilanizing this creature. Instead, the Aztecs saw the great ability a snake had, and the power they held over a humans well-being.  
We wanted to bring a snake to our collection, without doing the commonly found Ouroboros or the classic snake ring. 
Our take on it is more personal,  with the snake body  outlining each letter of the alphabet in a pendant formation. 
Featured Piece

Intro to the Snake Script Pendant
Piece: Snake-Script Initial Pendant