Always metal prominent,

never mass produced.

Sustainable Fine Jeweler

Jonne Amaya Jeweler

I believe that jewelry should be a characteristic of the wearer; as distinct and individual as the person who wears it.

My form of design is a contemporary take on traditional items. Never mass-produced or ready to ship, I take pride in the intimacy of creating custom made and made to order items. Whether the project is to repurpose inherited pieces, design a custom item, or simply add to our collection, the process is very personal and intentional.

Since Sustainability and small-scale production is my main focus, I only work with a small cap of clients per month.

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Capsule Collection

A set of pieces representing what our design-focused customers look for.

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14k; Diamond Cigar Band

14k; Star-Gaze Ring

14k; When-You-Know-You-Know Band

Engagement Rings

Traditionally, the most important piece of jewelry you will give or receive.

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Pyramid Engagement Ring

Repurposed Jewelery

Custom Pieces

Custom item repurposed from inherited materials

Get in contact with us to talk about whats right for you.

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Order of Sustainability Order of Sustainability

Learn the order of sustainability in the jewelry industry and what tiers we work under