Origins Pave Bangle



Always metal prominent, never mass-produced or ready to ship.

There are two routes to lineage: Our ancestry and our descendants. (Where we parted from and who is parting from us.)

This bangle holds weight differently for each individual. To some, the value comes from the lineage that parts from us (Parenthood) To others, the lineage that holds weight in our lives is where we parted from ( Where did I come from, who were my ancestors, etc)

Designed with representative pave stones on each side, this ring is meant to represent specific Ancestry or Descendent roots.

Special date? special name?… So many options to really identify your ring. After placing your order, we will reach out to see which internal name plate you’d like.

And no, its not an engraving. An engraving is done via laser over the metal and has been done for a million years. An internal name plate is 3D letters that sit right over the internal domed surface. It makes the ring look highly personal.