The Unknown Art Behind Handmade Chains

Getting to know Handmade chain necklaces and bracelets

The weight of the handmade chain – in the world of fine jewelry, they’re more than an item. They’re wearable pieces of art that outlast quickly fading trends and require a skillful artist, patience, and a lot of attention to detail.

At first glance, there probably isn’t much thinking about the process behind creating such an elaborate piece of jewelry. But to the wearer, their handmade chain represents an appreciation for the art of jewelry-making and reflects their unique identity, just as fine jewelry should.

How To Make Handmade Chains

Learning how to make handmade chains is an art. The majority of chains on the market are mass-produced and machine-made. But there is a big difference between a hand-made chain and a generic chain. A machine can’t do what an artisan can. Crafting a handmade chain takes a lot of time and requires a ton of steps. 

Each chain link is printed and cast individually, polished and formed one by one in an intricate process, and then interconnected to create a seamless look. This hands-on approach makes it easy to customize chains and experiment with different link styles, sizes, and textures so every piece is personalized to the wearer. 

The Weight of wearing hand-crafted jewelry

From cuban handmade chains to handmade wind chains, in the end, a distinctive piece of jewelry comes together. The artistry of a handmade chain doesn’t stop once the wearer puts it on. When someone wears their chain, they’ll feel the weight of each link against their skin, reminding them of the passion woven into every inch of their piece, knowing it was made specifically just for them.

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