Order of Sustainability

There are five tiers of sustainability within the jewelry industry, with the first being the most sustainable practice and the fifth the least. 

* Indicated the tiers I work under.


Wearing Vintage Items Or Inherited Pieces.

100% sustainable.


Repurposing inherited items.

By doing this, we are repurposing 100% of the material, but any type of production leaves a footprint.


Buying from someone who makes custom or made to order.

This requires new materials, but limits production to counted amounts.


Buying from small companies.

Chances are small companies source from local suppliers and have more control over their supply chain. However, this means pre-manufacturing and having items in stock / ready to ship.


Buying from companies that mass produce.

This should no longer be an option you consider. These companies are able to offer huge discounts to clients and charge below reasonable prices- this comes from huge manufacturing tiers.

Jewelry Production

Capsule Piece Collection

Throughout our 3 years of custom design, we’ve gathered information on what our design-focused customers want and will be offering this collection in representation. Since we value the importance of small scale production, and firmly stand against mass-production, none of our items are in stock or ready to ship. Our Cigar Band, Wheats, and soon to be released pieces are made to order at the moment of purchase.

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